County Employees Go Green!

Washoe County Employees respond and act! Together we have gathered trash for recycling, reduced waste, cleaned up trails, re-used furniture, shared extra supplies, saved energy and money, and much more!CFL Light

Energy Conservation Saves Money.  Download our tips on how you can reduce your energy use and help the county save over $200,000 in one year.
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Washoe County offers paper, cardboard, aluminum, tin, and plastic recycling programs. Please download our internal recycling guide for additional information. If you have other questions do not hesitate to call Facilities Management at 328-2150.
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Your commute and transportation matter!

The Washoe County Bicycle Working Group has updated the  showers and storage facilities at 9th Street. Now, any employee can use the facility to clean up after a bike commute to work or a lunch workout! Please take the time to review our policy on bike usage. If you need access, please contact Dave Solaro at 328-3624. Interested in helping with bike commute projects? Contact Bob Webb at 328-2623. All computers purchased by the County have a Silver Rating by the Green electronic Council. Over 500 computers have been donated to local schools and non-profit agencies. Technology Services has consolidated 204 servers and 19 PCs on to 32 physical devices.  The power savings from reduced consumption via the server hardware and cooling systems is estimated at over $200K annually. 

At the desktop level, Technology Services has implemented a power saving technology that shuts down computers when left on overnight.  This effort has been implemented on 2155 PCs within Washoe County and conservatively saved $40,000 in reduced power consumption.

If anyone has any questions regarding our Technology based Green Team efforts, call 328-3950.  The helpdesk staff will gather your questions and someone who is knowledgeable on your subject will return your call. Chair Picture

Furniture Reuse and Recycling Program.

Washoe County employees recycle furniture between departments. The effort saves valuable funds and environmental resources. If you are interested in additional information on our furniture recycling program, please contact Joan Rueda at 328-2282.Dominos

It starts with us. The environmental affects of purchases are considered! All paper purchased (over 8,000 cases a year) contain a minimum of 30% post consumer waste products. Our office supply companies offer green alternatives. Help reduce our waste by utilizing a reusable office mug instead of a disposable cup! 

If you have additional suggestions and questions, please email This website will grow with your comments and suggestions.