Stay Informed

Learn what disasters or emergencies may occur in your neighborhood. Washoe County plans for 13 different hazards. These events can range from those affecting only you and your family, like a home fire or medical emergency, to those affecting your entire community, like an earthquake or flood.

Local emergency management officials will continually be updating the local media during the events of an emergency. Citizens should monitor local television stations and radio emergency alerts. It is a good idea to have a battery-operated radio included in your evacuation kit.

Washoe County Emergency Management in conjunction with GIS has created a map to stay informed as to fires, evacuations, and shelter locations. This map is informational and may have a delay on updated information: 

Informational Map


Citizens can register for reverse telephone notification, called Code Red, as well as other notifications concerning alerts.
To sign up, click on the “Regional Notification” link on the menu and follow the instructions.

Know the difference between different weather alerts such as watches and warnings and what actions to take in each.

Know what actions to take to protect yourself during disasters that may occur in areas where you travel or have moved recently. For example, if you travel to a place where earthquakes are common and you are not familiar with them, make sure you know what to do to protect yourself should one occur.