Permit Review and Status

Where is my permit?
Our New Permit Search Page is now available online.  You can search for permits on a property either by Address, Assessor Parcel Number (APN) or by the Permit Number (WBLDXX-XXXXXX). This search allows the the interested parties to see the current review status, plan check comments, and project details. 
Corrections and Revisions
If Corrections (required for plan review comments) or Revisions (alterations made to plans by applicant during construction) are needed, see below on what and how to submit. 
Plan Sheet Requirements:
  • Corrections
    • Replace corrected plan sheets in the electronic full set of plans and provide a Response Letter
    • Upload new plan set with corrected sheets to permit under <Record Info><Attachments>
  • Revision
    • Upload Response Letter and revised sheets only to record under <Record Info><Attachements>
Permit Issuance
  • Owner/builder Permits can only be issued to the homeowner. 
    • Exemption: An authorized person can pick up the permit if an Authorization to Act as Agent form is completed. 
  • Licensed contractors must to pick up permits for all Commercial projects and all residential projects that do not fall under the owner/builder exemption.
    • Exemption: A licensed contractor can have authorized individuals pick up permits on his or her behalf if a Contractors Authorization Form has been received.