Fee Schedule


Licensing fees:
Unaltered dog - $20.00
Altered dog (spayed/neutered) - $8.00
Senior citizen (60 and older) - $8.00
Replacement license tag - $5.00
Renewal late penalty (30 days overdue) - $10.00
Note: Licenses are renewed annually

Microchip implant - $12.00 (free for Washoe County residents)
Local microchip registration (with Washoe County Animal Services) - Free

Redemption fees for dogs:
1st Impound - $34.00           1st Impound female in season - $72.00
2nd Impound - $50.00          2nd Impound female in season - $95.00
3rd Impound - $100.00
Daily impound board fee - $9.00 per day
Dog licensing fee (unless dog has a current Washoe County license)

Redemption fees for cats:
Impound - $28.00 
Daily board fee - $4.00 a day 
Cardboard cat carrier - $5.00

Redemption fees for livestock
Impound - $45.00
Daily board fee - $11.00 a day
$25 hauling fee if livestock was trailered to the shelter

Redemption fees for other small animals
No impound fee
Daily board fee  - $4.00 a day 

If your pet has been impounded for any reason, a daily board fee will apply.

Other fees for services offered to Washoe County residents:

Quarantine fees for bite animals (certain conditions apply):
Daily board fee - $10.00 a day 
ADL  specimen fee - $50 each

Animal disposal:
$10.00 – (dogs, cats and smaller pets only)

A receipt will be provided with every transaction

Types of payments accepted are: cash, checks, money orders, cashier's check, and credit cards

Please note that a non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee of $25.00 will be charged for a returned check