Capacity Protocols

In order to maintain a reasonable number of vacant kennels, while maintaining capacity for care, the following guidelines will be implemented when 70% capacity is reached for either species, dog or cat.

DOGS 70% Capacity (or 77 kennels occupied) 77/110

CATS 70% Capacity (or 53 condos occupied) 53/76

When cat or dog kennels at Animal Services reach 70% full the following protocols will go into effect and may remain in effect until capacity improves:

  • When possible, allow public to hold found pets for up to 48 hours while searching for owner 
  • Encourage use of microchip stations to help reunite pets before coming to the shelter
  • Encourage community to adopt, foster, volunteer, or donate to local adoption and animal care agencies
  • Additional communication to owners to pick up pets from the shelter as soon as possible
    • Phone call, text messages, emails.
  • Social media messaging