Election Worker Positions

Position Descriptions


  • Managers: Managers act as the team lead for the vote centers. They ensure that all policies and procedures are followed to help every eligible voter cast a ballot. Managers will direct and coordinate fellow election workers, monitor breaks and lunches, and resolve voter issues. They are responsible for the opening and closing of the polls, ensuring paperwork is accurately and completely logged, and that specified items are securely returned to the Registrar of Voters office.


  • Assistant Managers: Assistant Managers perform many of the same duties as the manager, and act as a backup and support for the manager, other election workers and the Vote Center. They assist with voter check-in, complete necessary paperwork, and aid in the general maintenance of the vote center operations.


  • Intake Specialists: This role is responsible for checking in voters on Early Voting and Election Day. Intake Specialists locate voter records, activate voter access cards, make various changes related to voter registration, and answer voter questions. Intake specialists will set up and breakdown the check-in stations.


  • Ballot Clerks: Ballot Clerks ensure mail-in ballots are properly processed and received, along with setting up and monitoring the mail drop box. They work with Ballot Runners when necessary and help complete chain of custody forms for the ballots. Depending on the location and need, they may serve as additional Intake Specialists.


  • Greeters: Greeters help direct incoming voters to the appropriate areas, watch for voters that might require extra assistance, and answer voter questions as they wait in line. They oversee the line and help manage the flow of the vote center.


  • Ballot Runners: These bipartisan teams of two help collect mail-In ballots from the various Early Voting and Election Day vote centers. Ballot Runners complete chain of custody paperwork and securely return the ballots to the Washoe County Registrar of Voters.


  • Supply Runners: Supply Runners liaise between their designated vote centers to replenish requested supplies and to return specific items back to the Registrar of Voters office.


Early Voting Election Worker Pay

  • Early Voting Manager $18 an hour
  • Early Voting Assistant Manager $17 an hour
  • Early Voting Associate $16 an hour

Election Day Election Worker Pay

  • Election Day Manager $225
  • Election Day Assistant Manager $200
  • Election Associate $175

All positions receive $25 for training and $25 for “Election Eve” pre-setup (pre-set up is optional for all positions, except for Managers and Assistant Managers.)

Supply Runner – $16 an hour + mileage reimbursement (EV and ED), with an additional $5.00 per day cell phone reimbursement if used for election related business.

Ballot Runner - $16 an hour + mileage reimbursement (EV and ED), with an additional $5.00 per day cell phone reimbursement if used for election related business.


Limited Positions Available for the following:

  • Troubleshooter/Rover
  • Poll Worker Help Line
  • Election Day Call Center (County Employees Only)


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