False Alarm Reduction Program


Alarm system users residing in unincorporated Washoe County, including homes and businesses with an alarm system, are required to obtain a permit from Washoe County to operate an alarm system. Washoe County, Washoe County Sheriff's Office and Washoe311 Service Center, work hand in hand with CryWolf False Alarm Solutions for all alarm permit questions and concerns. 

Washoe County Alarm Ordinance

To reduce the number of false alarms the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office responds to, the Board of County Commissioners implemented an alarm ordinance on October 13, 2009 and was amended on May 16, 2012.

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Washoe County has partnered with the vendor, CryWolf False Alarm Solutions, to manage the alarm registrations and false alarm billing. To register, please visit the CryWolf website:

Please note, City of Reno and the City of Sparks each have separate alarm ordinances. Please make sure you are under unincorporated Washoe County jurisdiction.

CryWolf Appeal Guidelines

CryWolf Appeal Guidelines

An unincorporated Washoe County alarm user may appeal an assessed fee to the Washoe County False Alarm Reduction Program, by setting forth in writing the reasons for the appeal within twenty (20) days of the notice date. Please visit the CryWolf website for appeal guidelines: https://www.crywolfservices.com/washoe/

Please note: No action will be taken on an account without going through the appeal process.

False Alarm Prevention Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

False Alarm Prevention Tips & Frequently Asked Questions

We advise to fully educate yourself with your security alarm system and it's proper operation, review with your alarm company the procedures you expect them to follow when your alarm activates and know what to do if you set your alarm off accidentally. 

For additional tips and frequently asked questions please visit the CryWolf website: https://www.crywolfservices.com/washoe/.

Additional Information

If you are interested in additional information on the False Alarm Reduction Program, please contact Washoe311 Service Center at (775) 328-2003 or washoe311@washoecounty.us.