Cares Campus



Cares Campus - Emergency Shelter


Opened in May 2021, the Nevada Cares Campus emergency shelter provides shelter to our region's most vulnerable residents. The emergency shelter admits men and couples, single women who arrive at the Nevada Cares Campus shelter are referred to Our Place, the local women and family shelter. In the event Our Place is full, women are welcomed at the Nevada Cares Campus. To access the Nevada Cares Campus emergency shelter please see below:

Location: 1800 Threlkel St., Reno, NV, 89512

Contact Phone Number: 775-329-4141  

Criteria for bed: Provide name, date of birth, and share the resources one is seeking


Cares Campus - Safe Camp


Opened in June 2021, the Cares Campus Safe Camp serves as a space where staff provides access to basic services and a more secure location for individuals not wishing to move into congregate shelters. 

Location: Line Dr., Reno, NV, 89512 

Contact informationAustin Solheim, Homeless Services Program Specialist, Office of the County Manager at 775-446-9293 or  

For criteria and more information related to the Safe Camp pilot program, please click here.


Planning for Fall and Winter 2021

Washoe County is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of those experiencing homelessness in our community. Plans have been developed for the fall and winter seasons. Our housing-first mission is to get residents out of tents and shelters and into permanent housing by addressing basic needs and providing resources at the Nevada Cares Campus. Below please find the Nevada Cares Campus Emergency Shelter and Cares Campus Safe Camp fall and winter plan:

Nevada Cares Campus Emergency Shelter and Cares Campus Safe Camp fall and winter plan


Additional Information  

If you are interested in additional information on the Cares Campus, please contact Washoe County Housing and Homeless Services at: