Golden Valley Aquifer Recharge Program

The Golden Valley Artificial Ground Water Recharge Program addressed declining water levels in the Golden Valley area. The aquifer is relied upon by Golden Valley residents as their primary water source for their domestic wells. Unfortunately, the area experienced continuous declining water levels over multiple years threatening the water supply for multiple owners. To stabilize declining groundwater levels, potable water is injected into the ground and the water supply is continuously monitored for contaminants. Washoe County owns four injection wells as well as monitoring wells, valves, and mains related to the facilities.

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Golden Valley Aquifer Recharge Assessment

Golden Valley Recharge 2022 Presentation

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The Program has been in place since 2002 and is funded through fees collected from the area residents under Washoe County Ordinance 1548. Washoe County continues a monitoring program while the injection is suspended due to rising water levels. For additional information on the program, please see recent data and annual reports or feel free to contact the Washoe County team