At what temperature is it ok to leave my pet in the car?

In accordance with NRS 202.487 "a person shall not allow a pet to remain unattended in a parked or standing motor vehicle if conditions, including, without limitation, extreme heat or cold, present a significant  risk to the health and safety of the pet."

Washoe County Code 55.190 Endangering Animals states that it is unlawful for any person to hold or confine an animal in a pen, house, car, truck, trailer or any other place without a sufficient supply of good and wholesome air, water, food and necessary veterinary care.

According to the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) the temperature inside a vehicle can rise 20⁰ F in 10 minutes, and up to 40⁰ F within an hour. It has also been shown that cracking a window a few inches has little effect on the temperature inside of your vehicle when it is not in motion.  A study performed by the Louisiana Office of Public Health found that the temperatures in a dark sedan as well as a light colored mini van parked out in a hot but overcast day still raised from 96⁰F to 125⁰F in just 20 minutes.

It would be advised to never leave an animal in a vehicle unattended in temperatures over 60⁰F and to always have water and proper air circulation for your pet. Help spread the word.