Feline Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) Program

What is TNR?

Trap-Neuter-Return is a global solution to responsibly manage free-roaming cat populations, through sterilization, vaccination and ear-tipping cats that have gone through the program.

Why is TNR important?

  1. Stops the breeding cycle.
  2. Minimizes unwanted behaviors.
  3. Prevents overpopulation in Washoe County.
  4. Improves the lives of free-roaming cats.

How does it work?

TNR works by stabilizing feral cat colony populations and, when properly maintained, will lead to reductions in colony size over time.

  1. Cats are caught in humane traps.
  2. Cats are then taken to the vet for sterilization, vaccination, and the tip of the ear is removed (often called ear tipping) to allow for visual identification of which cats have already been sterilized.
  3. Cats are released back to their colonies.
Cat being released from trap
Feral Cats eating

How you can help

  1. Volunteer to help with TNR in our community.
  2. If you see an ear-tipped cat, leave them be.
  3. Provide food, water, and shelter for feral cats in your neighborhood (ensure they are spayed/neutered)
  4. Sign up to be a foster for feral kittens in need of socialization.
  5. Spay/neuter your pets and do NOT let unfixed cats outdoors.
  6. Donate to local TNR efforts and host fundraisers.
  7. Educate family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers about TNR. Inform your political representatives that TNR is important to you and needs protection/expansion.

Local Resources

Community Cats
Options Veterinary Care
  • 4690 Longley Lane, #A, Reno:
    • Call 775-499-3700
Nevada Humane Society
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