Liquor and Gaming Licenses

This page provides information on how to apply for a Washoe County liquor license or a Washoe County gaming license.  You can apply for these licenses in person at our office or mail your complete application with fees to our mailing address.  You may also apply for a business license on-line with the One Regional Licensing and Permits Portal.  The portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Learn how to use the regional portal and register for a customer account.

You are encouraged to contact our offices prior to applying for a liquor and/or gaming license.  At that time, we will provide you with instructions for obtaining approvals and initiating a background investigation.  An application for a liquor and/or gaming license in unincorporated Washoe County is also an application for a business license and applicable business license fees will be charged (see the General and Home-based Business Licenses web page).

Washoe County liquor and gaming license codes
Chapter 30 - Intoxicating Liquor & Gaming Licenses and Regulations

Liquor Licenses

Washoe County liquor licenses are renewed quarterly.  Fees paid are not refundable.  Liquor license fees are billed at the minimum fee for the first year, and after that are based on the gross receipts you report to the Business License office once each year (see Liquor License Types and Examples, below).
Liquor License Types and Examples

Application and Fees
Application and Instructions
Master Liquor License Fee Schedule

Gaming Licenses

Washoe County gaming licenses are renewed quarterly.  Gaming license fees are based on the number and type of games.  Fees paid are not refundable.

Washoe County collects gaming fees for gaming establishments and route operators located at businesses inside the city limits of Reno and Sparks as well as those in unincorporated Washoe County.  These gaming fees are divided among the jurisdictions based on the location of the games, with 75% going to the city of origination and 25% to the County's general fund.  In addition, a tax (referred to as the Chapter 491 Tax) is collected on behalf of the State of Nevada and distributed to the Cities as well as several other public agencies (see Chapter 491 Tax).

A Gaming Summary should be filled out and sent to this office with appropriate fees just before games/slots located within the city limits are due to begin operating. 

Application and Fees
Application and Instructions
Gaming License Fees
Chapter 491 Tax
Gaming Summary

Washoe County Business License Contact:

Apply on-line at the One Regional Licensing and Permits Portal 
Mail your completed application to:
Washoe County Business License
1001 E. Ninth Street 
Reno, NV  89512

Business License
Phone:  775.328.3733
Fax:  775.328.6133

Business Hours:  Appointments, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Appointments can be made for virtual, in-person, or phone call. 

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Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »