Have you been arrested?


If you are arrested and taken to the Juvenile Detention Center, one of four things may happen:

  1. Unconditional Release:  You are released from custody when your parents or guardian come to pick you up.  You do not have to follow any conditions.  You may be issued a court date at a later time to face your charges. 
    If you are arrested on an allegation of domestic battery, you must remain at the detention facility for 12 hours before being released. 
  2. Conditional Release:  You are released from custody after being placed on house arrest or electronic monitoring.  You must follow the conditions imposed on you for the time period specified by the Judge. 
  3. Conditional Release to Placement:  You are released from custody into a facility (such as a group home or a residential treatment center).  You may be issued a court date at a later time to face your charges.
  4. Detention:  The Judge may find that you must remain at the juvenile detention center.  In Reno, there is only one detention center for kids.  It is located at the Jan Evans Juvenile Justice Center, 650 Ferrari McLeod Blvd. Reno, NV 89512, off of Parr Blvd. 

 If you are detained in the detention facility, you must have a court hearing within 72 hours after the start of your detention. This excludes the weekend and holidays. At this hearing, the Judge decides whether you must stay at the detention facility or can be released in the ways stated above.  You will have an attorney from the Public Defender’s Office meet with you at the detention center and they will represent you at this hearing.  You will have a court date set approximately 2 to 4 weeks after your detention.
The District Attorney's office must file a petition containing the charges against you within 4 days after your detention, unless they request additional time and the Court finds a good reason to allow additional time to file charges.