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Senior Services Advisory Board

Membership Requirements
The Board shall consist of not less than 7 or more than 11 members with full privileges of making motions, and of voting, and 2 Alternate At-Large Members. Board members must be competent volunteers who are residents of Washoe County; of whom it is preferred that more than 50% are over the age of sixty or are an unpaid caregiver for a person over the age of 60; while varied experiences desired, the main requirement is that the applicant is knowledgeable about seniors and about services provided for them, and, if appointed, the applicant will continue to be actively involved with seniors.
Time Commitment
Board members serve a four year term; meetings are held monthly and run 1-2 hours; members usually spend 2-6 hours per month outside of meetings on board-assigned business.
Washoe County Code 45.425
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We want to let you know we currently have openings on the Senior Services Advisory Board for Washoe County residents, preferably 60+, who are willing to provide input and have two to four hours per month to volunteer. Remember, members must live in the District they represent. To find your District, please use the following link: Find your district here.

The Board is constituted to support the implementation of the policies of the Board of Washoe County Commissioners as they apply to the functioning, management, and operation of the Washoe County Senior Services Department. Those serving on the board will recommend programs for seniors, make specific recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on the operations of the department and work to improve senior centers.

The Advisory Board shall provide assistance and make recommendations to the director, at a minimum, in the following areas:

  • Development of long and short range departmental goals;
  • Recommending and evaluating programs and policies;
  • Reviewing the quality of departmental services provided;
  • Providing input to county manager regarding performance of director.
  • Providing technical assistance, as applicable;
  • Reviewing and making recommendations regarding the department`s proposed budget;
  • Reviewing and providing input to director regarding community trends and needs.


Contact Information Abby Willrich 775-328-2774 APPLY ONLINE

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Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »