Community Cats

A group of cats outdoors

What are Community Cats?

Community cats are feral or stray outdoor, unowned cats that live in our communities. These cats may be stray cats that were once owned but became lost or abandoned, or they may have been born and raised outdoors. They often form colonies where they share resources and territories.

Feral Cats eating

Why Community Cats Matter

Community cats play an important role in our ecosystem. They help control rodent populations and are part of our shared environment. While they may not be suited for indoor living, they deserve our care and respect.

How You Can Help

1. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)
  • TNR Stops the breeding cycle
  • TNR minimizes unwanted behaviors
  • TNR prevents cat overpopulation in Washoe County
  • TNR improves the lives of free-roaming cats

Learn more about Local TNR Programs here: Local TNR programs

2. Provide Shelter

Community cats can be quite resoureful at finding dry and comfortable shelter from harsh weather, but it doesn't hurt to provide additional resources for them. You can build or buy simple shelters to protect them from rain, wind, and cold.

Check out how to build an outdoor cat shelter here: How to build an outdoor cat shelter

3. Food and Water

Set up feeding stations with fresh water and cat food. Consistent food sources keep cats healthy and discourage them from seeking food in less desirable places.

Find examples and instructions for setting up outdoor feeding stations here: Cat Feeding Station Options

Local Community Cats Resources

Below are local resources available for you to explore or contact, for additional information about community cats in our region:

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