Man Given Life Without Parole in After Killing One, Injuring Two Others
Defendant Intentionally Drove Car into Crowd of People

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The man who ran over three women, killing one, in 2023 has been sentenced to the maximum for all counts. David Turner will spend the rest of his life behind bars, after appearing before the Honorable Judge Scott Freeman this morning. The defendant was given life without the possibility of parole for First Degree Murder in the death of Michelle Jardine, 20 years with parole eligibility after 8 years in prison for the Attempted Murders of Christina Roman and Clarissa Roman, and 20 years with parole eligibility after 8 years for three Deadly Weapon Enhancements.

Turner previously pled guilty to all counts last September. He was charged in the April 3rd hit and run of Michelle, Clarissa, and Christina near the Cares Campus. Turner admitted to intentionally driving his jeep into a group of people, with the intent of killing as many as possible so he could return to prison.

“The physical, mental, and emotional impacts of Mr. Turner's actions will be felt by Clarissa, Christina, and the loved ones of Michelle for the rest of their lives,” said DA Chris Hicks. “The selfish act of the defendant has led to him spending the rest of his life behind bars, and he deserves every moment of that sentence. My heart goes out to the Roman and Jardine families, and hope that today's sentencing allows them a chance to find some peace as they move forward.”

During sentencing, both Clarissa and Christina provided witness impact statements, alongside Michelle’s daughter, Angelina. In her statement, Clarissa told Turner that she had never asked for this, and that everyone in the courtroom was present today because of the defendant.

“I want you to know what I look like. I am here for Michelle Jardine,” said Clarissa.

Clarissa and her mother, Christina, were handing out donations to members of the homeless community when they were struck by Turner. Christina broke her back in two places and Clarissa suffered two broken clavicles, a broken ankle, broken ribs, collapsed lungs, severe road rash, and a brain bleed that led to a stroke.

Michelle was killed as the result of multiple blunt force injuries. During sentencing, Angelina spoke on behalf of her mother, telling the defendant that his actions had destroyed her entire world and had caused ongoing ripple effects for her family.

“I hope you look at my face, my face that looks exactly like my mother’s, and you remember that for the rest of your life, whatever that entails,” said Angelina.

Deputy District Attorney Adam Cate represented the state for the case. He argued that the defendant was too dangerous to ever be let out of prison.


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