OIS Report Released
WCDA Report Released Detailing Feb. 23, 2022 Officer Involved Shooting Incident of Jacori Shaw

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Washoe County District Attorney Chris Hicks has determined that the February 23, 2022, Officer Involved Shooting (OIS) of Jacori Shaw, age 23 from Sparks, by Sparks Police Department (SPD) Detective Brandon Sheffield was justified under Nevada law.  At the time of the shooting, Shaw was wanted on felony gun charges to include prohibited person in possession of a firearm, carrying a concealed firearm and discharging a firearm where persons might be endangered stemming from a December 21, 2021, case which occurred in downtown Reno. Shaw was also wanted for questioning on a recent homicide that occurred in Washoe County. 

Consistent with this office’s ongoing public reporting on all OIS cases, District Attorney Hicks has released a detailed 38-page report containing the facts of the case, photographs, identification of those involved, witness accounts, and his legal analysis supporting the case’s conclusion.  This determination is based on an extensive review of the investigation conducted by the Reno Police Department, which was submitted to this office.  Unless new circumstances come to light that contradict the factual foundation upon which this decision was made, this case is officially closed.  Copies of all completed OIS reports are available on the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office’s website at 

Inquiries regarding the release of any public records involving the investigation and its evidence can be directed to the involved law enforcement agencies. 

Introduction of the Report:

On February 23, 2022, the Regional Crime Suppression Unit (“RCSU”) was conducting a continued operation tracking a wanted person by the name of Jacori Shaw [hereafter Shaw].  RCSU is a specialized multiagency unit which consists of detectives from the Reno Police Department (“RPD”), Sparks Police Department (“SPD”), and the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office (“WCSO”).  RCSU often assists in tracking down and arresting wanted individuals on serious or violent offenses.  Shaw was wanted on felony gun charges to include, prohibited person in possession of a firearm, carrying a concealed firearm and discharging a firearm where persons might be endangered stemming from a December 21, 2021, case which occurred in downtown Reno.  Probable cause existed to arrest Shaw on those charges.  Shaw was also wanted for questioning on a recent homicide that occurred in Washoe County.  In order to facilitate the arrest of Shaw, RCSU detectives followed Shaw on social media and utilized a surreptitious female persona to connect with Shaw via Facebook.   Shaw began text messaging “Jessica” on January 13, 2022, and Shaw and “Jessica” cultivated a relationship through social media and/or texting which continued through the months of January and well into February.  This communication eventually led to setting up a meeting with Shaw on February 23, 2022, at the Redfield Ridge Apartment Complex located at 4959 Talbot Lane in Reno. 

The apprehension of Shaw began the previous evening, February 22, 2022, when RCSU had information that Shaw was in the area of the Peppermill Casino.  Detectives arrived in the area and located Shaw and conducted surveillance wherein they observed Shaw being picked up by a vehicle and driven back to the Talbot Lane apartments.  The weather was snowy and not conducive to an attempted vehicle stop, so detectives followed Shaw back to the apartment complex.  They located the vehicle Shaw had previously been observed riding in as a passenger, but detectives did not observe which apartment Shaw entered in the complex nor did they observe him leaving the apartment so eventually surveillance was called off for the evening. 

The next day, on February 23, 2022, RCSU detectives were given further information that Shaw was still located within the apartment complex, so police utilized the previous surreptitious relationship between “Jessica” and Shaw to set up a meeting.  The meeting was originally set up in the parking lot of the Walmart on Kietzke Lane in Reno.  Detectives from RCSU, to include, J. Benvin, C. Sandoval, J. Kincaid, B. Sheffield, V. Gamboa, S. Rasmussen, G. Carranza, J. Kimball, Sergeant C. Bare and SPD K-9 Officer T. Radley were all present on February 23, 2022, and participated in the operation to apprehend Shaw. 

The original operation to meet in the Walmart parking lot fell through, as Shaw refused to meet there and told “Jessica” that it was safer to meet in front of the office or on the street in front of the Redfield Ridge Apartment complex.  RCSU detectives scouted the area of the apartment complex and determined the apprehension could be conducted in the parking lot.  RPD Detective J. Benvin drove her assigned undercover vehicle, a white Jeep Liberty, to the apartment complex and parked in front of the office as was agreed upon and texted Shaw that she had arrived.  Numerous other undercover detectives had parked their vehicles strategically throughout the complex as well as on Talbot Lane to assist in the apprehension of Shaw if he fled the scene.  Police were aware that Shaw had previously fled upon police contact and was known to carry firearms, including the outstanding firearm from the December 21, 2021, downtown incident.  Therefore, in addition to the number of detectives, RCSU also requested the assistance of SPD K-9 Officer, T. Radley along with his K-9 Rox, to provide a less lethal form of force to apprehend Shaw if he fled or fought with officers during the apprehension. 

Shaw was observed by detectives walking through the apartment complex to Detective Benvin’s vehicle.  As Shaw walked to the driver’s side of Detective Benvin’s vehicle, he was met by WCSO Detective V. Gamboa and SPD Detective B. Sheffield who were dressed in police vests clearly displaying the word “police” and their badges.  Upon seeing detectives, Shaw immediately turned and fled through the parking lot of the apartment complex.  Detectives gave chase, but Shaw ran directly at Officer Radley and K-9 Rox. Officer Radley shouted warnings to Shaw two times to stop running or the dog would be released.  Shaw continued to flee from police and Officer Radley released K-9 Rox.  Detective Sheffield observed Shaw looking back at officers and the K-9 as he fled across the parking lot towards a carport located in front of Building K.  Detective Sheffield saw Shaw place his hands in the front waistband of his pants as he ran from detectives.  The K-9 caught Shaw and made contact with him on his upper right thigh.  Shaw was initially knocked down by the impact of K-9 Rox, but almost immediately Shaw stood back up and continued walking away from police. 

Detectives, after observing the K-9 make contact, ran towards Shaw to place him under arrest.  Detective Sheffield observed Shaw with a firearm in his hand at the time the K-9 made contact with him.  Detective Sheffield produced his firearm, as Shaw fought with the K-9, and ordered Shaw to “drop it” several times.  Shaw did not comply and continued walking between cars in the parking lot.  As detectives converged on his person, Shaw turned and directly faced Detective Sheffield then raised his arm with the gun in his hand.  Believing he would be shot, Detective Sheffield discharged one round into the direction of Shaw striking him.  Shaw fell to the ground dropping the firearm.  Shaw was later declared deceased at the hospital. 

Detectives, as well as forensic investigators, located a 9mm Luger pistol with an extended magazine near where Shaw fell to the ground after being shot.  The firearm was loaded with 17 rounds of 9mm ammunition.  Detectives also found Shaw’s cellphone and a metal cannister containing baggies of methamphetamine.  

Consistent with the regionally adopted Officer involved Shooting (“OIS”) Protocol, RPD led the investigation into the shooting of Jacori Shaw.  The WCSO provided secondary investigative support, and the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Forensic Science Division (“FIS”) provided forensic services. 

The investigation included interviewing witnesses, collecting physical evidence from the shooting scene, photographing the shooting scene, collecting digital evidence to include text messages between Shaw and law enforcement; forensic testing of collected evidence, Body Worn Cameras (“BWC”) of the officers involved, an autopsy report and reviewing police reports associated with the case. 

All investigative reports along with FIS forensic reports, photographs, BWC and recorded interviews were then submitted to the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office for a determination of whether the shooting of Jacori Shaw was justified under the laws of self-defense and justifiable homicide.  The District Attorney’s evaluation included reviewing hundreds of pages of reports and documents and watching hours of BWC video collected from law enforcement on scene at the time of the shooting and this report follows that review.  

Based on the available evidence and the applicable legal authorities, it is the opinion of the District Attorney that the shooting of Jacori Shaw was justified.

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