How would you spend your Road Maintenance Fuel Tax Dollars?

This interactive budget tool helps you understand the tough choices Washoe County Roads makes and allows you to submit your own priorities. Your feedback will inform Washoe County Road Maintenance Budgeting.

Road's 53 operators maintain and preserve the transportation and drainage infrastructure throughout the unincorporated portion of Washoe County from the Oregon border to and including Incline Village. This infrastructure includes more than 1,000 miles of paved and gravel roads, as well as an extensive network of storm water draining pipes and ditches.

The default choices below show current levels of services based on resources and policy set by County Commissioners.

Balance cost, policy, and asset conditions to build you own annual budget. Change the percentages in the first column, make sure everything adds up to 100%, and click the "Submit your Budget" button.
% Spent Work Category Cost Board Directed Level of Service Asset Condition % Maintained Annually
Pavement $6,192,000 Meets Policy
Click to see policy
7.85% of 1,253 lane miles
Storm Water $1,520,000 Meets Policy
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8.09% of 2,853,134 feet
Snow & Ice Control $1,238,400 Meets Policy
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100% of normal.
Traffic Sign & Stripe $423,360 Meets Policy
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5.64% of 8,691 signs

100 %

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