Vote In Person

There will be polling locations setup to either vote in person or to drop off your Mail-In Ballot throughout Early Voting and Election Day. 

For Voting in Person, you are encouraged to bring the following items to expedite your check-in process:

Sample Ballot

Voter Notification Card

Mail-In Ballot (if you received one)

In order to cast your ballot on the Voting Tablet, the Election Worker at the polling location will ask you to surrender you Mail-In Ballot, if you were issued one, at the time of voting. 

If you do not have your Mail-In Ballot to surrender, you will be asked to sign an affirmation statement attest that you will not vote twice. Once validated, the Election Worker will proceed with the check-in process so you can cast your ballot on the voting tablet.

If you do have your Mail-In ballot filled out ahead of time, you have the option to either turn in your Mail-In ballot to the polling location to cast your vote or surrender your Mail-In ballot to the election worker to vote in person on the Voting Tablet.   

If you have already turned in your Mail-In Ballot at a drop off location or polling place to cast your vote, you will not be permitted to vote in person on the Voting Tablet.