Mail-In Ballot Information

Mail-in Ballot

Mail-in Ballots are ballots that are mailed to voters automatically (without a voter requesting an absentee ballot).  Mail-in Ballots are sent to active voters that reside in a precinct that has been designated as a "Mail-In" precinct. With the passage of Assembly Bill 4 (Click here for more information on Assembly Bill 4) and the Governor's declaration of emergency in the State of Nevada, the General 2020 has become a "hybrid" election and all active voters will be mailed a Mail-In Ballot. 

Once your Mail-In Ballot arrives, you do have the choice to either vote by Mail-In or vote in-person.  

If you do choose to Vote in Person during Early Voting or Election Day, do not fill out your Mail-In Ballot. You will instead be surrendering your Mail-In Ballot or signing an affirmation at the polls so that you may vote in-person. Click here for more information on how to Vote In-Person.    

Mail-In Ballot Instructions

Use a black or blue ink pen. DO NOT use felt tip pins or permanent markers.

Mark your choices in each contest or question by completely filling in the oval to the right of each of your ballot choices.

If you choose to vote on some candidates or questions and not others, your ballot will be counted for those you have voted on.  This will not invalidate your ballot.

If you mark more choices than permitted in a single contest, no vote will be counted for that contest but the rest of your correctly marked ballot will be counted.

If you do make a mistake or change your mind while voting your ballot:

-         DO NOT use correction fluid or tape. 

-         Simply put a single line through the name of the candidate or question you do not wish to vote for and completely fill in the oval to the right of the candidate or question you do want to vote for. 

-         Please do not try to completely black out or cross out the name or question

Returning your Mail-In Ballot

Detach and keep the ballot stub (if not already removed).  The ballot stub is a perforated strip at the top of the ballot.  If there is no perforated strip, then it has already been removed.

Vote by completely filling in the oval to the right of each of your ballot choices.

After voting, fold your ballot along the pre-scored folds and insert it into the Secrecy Sleeve (the end of your ballot will stick out of the side). 

Place the Secrecy Sleeve with the completed ballot into the Return Envelope.

You can also return your mail-in ballot at any polling location or drop box location during early voting or on Election Day.

YOU MUST SIGN the Return Envelope in the Signature box under the flap.  Once you have signed the Return Envelope, fold at the Step 3 notation, moisten the folded flap where indicated and fold over again to seal it.  The sealed flap serves as a signature cover designed to protect your privacy.

Anyone may deliver a completed ballot on behalf of any voter.  Completed ballots may be returned by mail, dropped of at one of our drop off locations or Vote Centers during Early Voting and on Election Day, or in person at the Registrar of Voters Office. Washoe County Admin. Complex, (9th and Wells) Bldg A, Rm 135.  It cannot be faxed or e-mailed.

REMEMBER: In order to be counted, your ballot must be post marked no later than Election Day if returned by mail or dropped off by 7 pm on Election Day.  If you should tear, deface or lose your ballot, call the Registrar of Voters Office at (775) 328-3670 to get a replacement.

Your Ballot will not be counted if you do not sign on the Signature Line located under the Flap on the Back of the Return Envelope.

More Questions?  CLICK HERE to view frequently asked questions regarding Mail-In ballots.