Vote By Mail

Mail-In Ballots: Starting in 2022, Nevada has become an all mail-in ballot state where every active registered voter will be issued a mail-in ballot for all future elections (AB321, 2021 Legislative Session).  Voters may still choose to vote in-person at any early voting or Election Day Vote Center if they prefer that method of casting their ballot.  Voters may also elect to permanently “opt-out” of receiving mail-in ballots for all future elections.

All voters who are registered to vote no later than 14 days before Election Day will receive a mail-in ballot whether the voter has requested one or not (unless the voter has opted-out).

To opt out, you must submit a written or online request to not receive a ballot by mail for all future elections.

  • Click here for the written opt-out form.
  • The online option will be made available through the Office of the Secretary of State who will provide us with your request.
  • NOTE: We must receive all requests no later than 60 days before Election Day to opt-out for the next primary or general election.  If the request is received after the 60 days prior to election, you will still receive a ballot in the mail for the next election and your request will go into effect at the next election. 

In-Person Voting: You may still vote in-person even if you receive a mail-in ballot at any early voting or Election Day Vote Center.  To vote in person instead of by mail-in ballot:

  • If you have your mail ballot with you, you must surrender it at the voting site.
  • If you do not have your mail ballot with you, you must sign an affirmation that you are not voting twice in the same election.
  • NOTE:  If you choose to vote in person, DO NOT FILL OUT YOUR MAIL-IN BALLOT. You will instead be surrendering your mail-in ballot at the polling location or signing an affirmation at the intake station. Click here for more information on how to vote in-person. 

Once your ballot is in the mail or dropped off at any drop off location, you cannot vote in-person.  Voting or attempting to vote twice is a Felony.

For more information on voting by mail, see below:

 Click Here on how to mark your ballot.