2018 General Election Results

2018 General Election

Precinct by Precinct Election Results by Race - Washoe County results only (does not include all results for Federal, Statewide or Mulit-County Districts-includes only Washoe County's portion of those results)

Precinct by Precinct Election Results by Race

United States Senate

Representative in Congress


Lieutenant Governor

Secretary of State

State Treasurer

State Controller

Attorney General

State Senate District 13

State Senate District 14

State Senate District 16

State Assembly District 24

State Assembly District 25

State Assembly District 26

State Assembly District 27

State Assembly District 30

State Assembly District 31

State Assembly District 32

State Assembly District 40

County Commission District 2

County Commission District 3

County Commission District 5

County Assessor

County Clerk

District Attorney

Public Administrator

County Recorder

County Treasurer

Constable, Incline Village

Justice of the Supreme Court, Seat C

Justice of the Supreme Court, Seat F

Justice of the Supreme Court, Seat G

District Court Judge, Department 1

District Court Judge, Department 2, Family Court

District Court Judge, Department 7

District Court Judge, Department 8

School Board Trustee District B

School Board Trustee District C

School Board Trustee District F-At-Large

Incline Village General Improvement District

Palomino Valley General Improvement District

Sun Valley General Improvement District

Verdi TV District


City of Reno Mayor

Reno City Council, Ward 2

Reno City Council, Ward 4

Reno City Attorney

State Question No. 1

State Question No. 2

State Question No. 3

State Question No. 4

State Question No. 5

State Question No. 6

Washoe County Question - WC 1

Sparks Advisory Question - SP 1