Washoe County Employee Resource Sharing Program


Registrar of Voter’s Office has a need for Washoe County Employees on a part time basis in several key areas besides being an election worker on Election Day. 

To see a description of what each of the above positions will do, what days and times you will be working click on the title.

“Incentives” for County Employees who participate in Resource Sharing Program are:

  • An Award/Certificate/Recognition (i.e. by the BCC or the Leadership Recognition Committee.
  • Opportunity to learn something new and do something different during your workday.
  • Any hours after your normal work week will need to be flexed or compensated by your department. Approval of flexed or compensated time will be left up to each individual department.

If you have questions send an email to electionvolunteer@washoecounty.us

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