Additional Information for Candidates

Additional Information for Candidates for the 2022 Elections

Judicial Candidate Filing dates:  March 7 - March 18, 2022 (by 5:00 p.m.) - Temporarily changed by AB 1 in the 33rd Special Session for 2022 only

Non-Judicial Candidate Filing dates:  March 7 - March 18, 2022 (by 5:00 p.m.)

CLICK HERE for more information regarding the qualifications for 2022 offices up for election.

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The below links will take you to the Nevada Secretary of State's website:

Candidate Contribution and Expense Reports

All candidates for elected office in Nevada are required to file Campaign Contributions and Expense (C&E) reports with the Office of the Secretary of State.  Candidate C&E Reports are filed four times a year during an election year and then annually for seated officials.

Candidate Contribution and Expense Reports (election year)

  • C & E Report #1 Due     April 15, 2022 (for period January 1 to March 31)
  • C & E Report #2 Due     July 15, 2022 (for period April 1 to June 30)
  • C & E Report #3 Due     October 15, 2022 (for period July 1 to September 30)
  • C & E Report #4 Due     January 15, 2023 (for period October 1 to December 31)
  • Annually C&E Filing        January 15, 2023 (for the period January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022)

For more information on reporting requirements or using AURORA to file, CLICK HERE.

Candidate Financial Disclosure Statements (FDS)

  • Non-Judicial Candidate Financial Disclosure Statements due 10 days after the end of candidate filing: March 28, 2023.  All non-judicial candidates will file an FDS with the Secretary of State's Office.  For more information CLICK HERE
  • All Judicial Candidates are required to file a Financial Disclosure Statement (FDS) with the Administrative office of the Court (AOC) by the 10th day after the last day to qualify as a candidate for office.  For more information regarding filing with the AOC, CLICK HERE

Annual Financial Disclosure Statements

  • Annual Financial Disclosure Statements are due no later January 15th and covers the preceding calendar year.