Candidate Information

The following is candidate resource information available to the public, and resources available for candidates

Public Resources

Candidates listed in the 2022 General Election Ballot

Visit the 2022 General Election List of Certified Candidates to see who will appear on ballots in Washoe County.

Candidate Profiles

Washoe County offers the forum to candidates, to share information about themselves to our Washoe County residents.  It is at the candidate's discretion whether or not to use this forum - Washoe County does not endorse or mandate candidates to provide this information. To access the information provided by the candidates, visit our Candidate Profile page. 

List of Offices up for Election

Visit the List of Offices Up for Election to access the offices, current incumbent and term - length of time a person serves in a particular elected office.

Candidate Resource

Candidate filing
Candidates can visit this site to learn more about filing, deadlines, fees and qualifications for the current election cycle on our Candidate Filing page.

Candidate Profile Login 

Washoe County offers candidates the opportunity to introduce themselves, offering contact information and reasons why they are seeking public office.   The Candidate Profile Login page is a portal that allows candidates to enter their information into the forum.



Major Political Party Abbreviations:

DEM - Democratic

REP - Republican

Minor Political Party Abbreviations: 

IAP - Independent American Party

LPN - Libertarian Party of Nevada