Claims Status Summary Report

Status Report for Incline Village / Crystal Bay Property Tax Refunds
Month Ending JUNE 30, 2022

Anticipated Refunds Next 60 Days - IF NOT ALREADY REFUNDED:
Manual Claims #M1932 to M2221
Electronic Claims #2261 to 2611

This Update Provided on:  JUNE 28, 2022

Refunds Process this Month:
Number of Parcels Adjusted Since Last Update: 299
Number of Refunds Processed Since Last Update: 346
Number of Claims Processed Since Last Update: 309
Total Tax Dollars Refunded Since Last Update: $836,746
Total Interest Expense Since Last Update: $800,461
Total Refund Since Last Update Tax + Interest Expense: $1,637,207
Total Refund Figures to Date:
Number of parcels Adjusted to Date: 4,035
Number of Refunds processed to Date: 4,282
Number of Claims Processed to Date: 4,100
Total Tax Dollars Refunded to Date: $14,169,561
Total Interest Expense to Date: $13,543,965
Total Refund to Date Tax +Interest Expense: $27,712,526