Main Ranch House

The Main Ranch House is located in Rancho San Rafael Regional Park
1595 N. Sierra Street, Reno NV 89503

Ranch House exterior

The historic Ranch House is a beautiful way to add a touch of old west to any event, and is ideal for social gatherings or meetings.

Ranch House Specifications:

  • The max capacity of the Ranch House is 150 people.
  • The San Rafael Room is the largest room measuring 600 square feet and will accommodate approximately 100 people standing, 80 seated (no tables) and 48 seated with tables.
  • The V&T Room measures approximately 300 square feet and is an excellent area for a buffet table arrangement or to seat 45 people without tables or 24 people with tables.
  • The outdoors includes the patio/courtyard and the grassy area east of the house (either area is suitable for wedding ceremonies). There is outdoor lighting in the courtyard.
  • The building includes indoor restrooms.
  • The Wilbur D. May Arboretum borders the Ranch House grounds.