Community Programs

Garden Gratitude: Crystal Singing Bowl Hikes

Who: Anyone!    
Where: Wilbur D. May Arboretum & Botanical Garden
When: April 24th, 2022 from 11am-1pm
Cost: Free!
Contact: Rachel Dunn at or 775-785-4153

Experience spring at the Wilbur D. May Arboretum while you enjoy the healing frequencies of 8 crystal singing bowls!

This experience is self-guided. You are welcome to start from any location in the arboretum and find the bowls in any order you wish. Use this opportunity to center yourself in nature while learning more about the science of sound, sound therapy, and the healing nature of the great outdoors!

Connecting with Nature: Nature Journaling Programs

Who: Anyone 15 years and Older   
Where: Wilbur D. May Arboretum & Botanical Garden, Arboretum South Entrance (By the N Sierra Street Park Entrance)
When: TBD
Cost: Free!
Contact: Rachel Dunn at or 775-785-4153

Join our educator for guided outdoor explorations to learn more about the natural world, get better at drawing, and/or just spend time outside with your family. 

What is nature journaling?
Nature journaling is an activity for all ages where one spends time sketching & writing about the things that they experience outdoors. This activity does NOT depend on artistic skill, and instead is a pursuit of observation rather than of drawing mastery. Nature journaling is a valuable educational tool for children and adults alike to ask more questions about nature, and in turn develop a mindset more comfortable with scientific  inquiry. Getting better at drawing is just a natural side effect of drawing a lot!

Connecting with Nature sessions will be 1-1.5 hours long and generally include a short hike, a guided activity, and free journalling time. Drawing supplies (pencils, colored pencils, and erasers) are provided. Feel free to bring additional supplies as you please. You must supply your own journal. Don't worry if you don't think you're good at drawing -- it's not about making pretty pictures, it's about observation!