Internal Audit

Internal Auditor
Samantha Turner

Samantha came aboard as the Internal Auditor with the Office of the County Manager in June, 2018.  She is committed to building trust with all employees through a transparent audit process, and comes to the County with the right experience and credentials.

Samantha’s education includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Accounting from the University of Nevada (UNR). Samantha became a Certified Public Manager in 2017 through the State of Nevada. Prior to her arrival at the County, Samantha was an audit manager for the Nevada Department of Taxation.  

Performed by professionals with an in-depth understanding of the business culture, systems, and processes, the internal audit activity provides assurance that internal controls are in place to mitigate risks, governance processes are effective and efficient, and organizational goals and objectives are met.

Suspicious of Fraud, Waste or Abuse
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Internal Audit Mission

To ensure County operations are administered efficiently and effectively.

To learn more about internal audit and the code of ethics please visit the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) website

Three Year Audit Schedule

Fiscal Year Ending 06/30/2023

Fiscal Year Ending 06/30/2024

Fiscal Year Ending 06/30/2025

Cash Control Audit

Cash Control Audit

Cash Control Audit

Roles and Rights SAP Audit

Roles and Rights SAP Audit

Roles and Rights SAP Audit

Public Administrator’s Office

Disaster Recovery

Donation Process

MAS District Court

Telephone Expense

Access Management

MAS Incline Justice Court

Debt Service Fund

Hiring Procedures

MAS Reno Justice Court

Parks Revenue

Employee Retention

MAS Sparks Justice Court

Facilities Maintenance

Background Checks

MAS Wadsworth Justice Court

Utility Billing

Vendor Maintenance

Sheriffs Fees & Bail Procedures

Worker’s Comp


Travel Expense



Governmental Affairs Assistance


Governmental Affairs Assistance

Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2022 (July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022)

Washoe County Audit Committee

Audit Reports

Prior audit reports are available through public records request.  

Contact Information

Samantha Turner

Phone: (775) 328-2064