Washoe Impact Awards

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic

2020 Washoe Impact Awards did not take place 

We look forward to celebrating our staff in the near future.

As Washoe County employees, we approach our work by putting first our community responsibility to: Support and represent the people we serve.  Be forward thinking. Protect our natural resources. Collaborate within and across the County. Commit to digital delivery. Reduce redundancies and non-value adds. Show up as “One County” externally and internally.


2019 Washoe Impact Awards

Integrity AwardGuardianship Training 

Effective Communications Award: WashoeEats Mobile App 

Quality Public Service AwardKids Café: Free Summer Meals Program 

Manager's Choice for Commitment to Excellence Award: Tissue Donation Program 

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2018 Washoe Impact Awards

Integrity Award: 2018 Primary Election Broadcast 

Effective Communications AwardCareer Discovery Day

Quality Public Service AwardElectronically Certified Marriage Certificates

Manager's Choice for Commitment to Excellence Award: Early Literacy/Reading Programs

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2017 Washoe Impact Awards

Integrity Award: Sober 24 video

Effective Communications Award: CSD University video

Quality Public Service Award: Washoe County Child Advocacy Center video

Manager's Choice for Commitment to Excellence AwardCERT video

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