What time and day is court held?

We have several types of court hearings at the Jan Evans Juvenile Justice Center.

Detention Hearings:

If a youth was arrested and detained they are required by law to have a hearing before the Juvenile Court the following business day to determine if they will remain detained in Wittenberg Hall or if they can be released, or released on house arrest or electronic monitoring.  Detention hearings are held:

Monday through Thursday - beginning at 2:00 pm.
Friday's - beginning at 11:00 am.

Juvenile Traffic Court:

If a youth has received a citation for a minor traffic offense, they will be summoned to appear with one or both parents before the Juvenile Traffic Master.  The hearings are held throughout the business week.  The summons sent to you will have the date and time you need to appear at Juvenile Traffic Court.  If you have lost your paperwork, contact our Juvenile Traffic Office at 325-7901.

Juvenile Court Hearing and Trials:

All other court hearings or trails are set by the Juvenile Court.  Court is held every business day. If you have lost your paperwork, contact your assigned probation officer at 325-7800.  It is your responsibility to attend your court hearing. There are no excuses allowed for missing court.