Juvenile Traffic Court

In Nevada, you must obtain a Nevada Drivers License to operate any motorized vehicle on any public road.  This includes mopeds, scooters and motorcycles.  For teenagers under 18, you must first obtain an Instructional Permit and are required to follow specific guidelines in order to apply for your Driver's License. Further information regarding juvenile traffic laws can be obtained through the Department of Motor Vehicles web site at WWW.DMVNV.COM

Traffic offenses can occur in the operation of an automobile, motorcycle, scooter/moped, bicycle, off road vehicle, or watercraft.  Minors that commit a traffic offense resulting in a citation are required to appear in Juvenile Traffic Court and must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.  Fines cannot be paid in lieu of appearance in Traffic Court.  These informal traffic hearings are presided over by a Juvenile Traffic Master, who may impose sanctions after discussing the circumstances with the minor and parent/legal guardian.  Any juvenile wishing to dispute the citation/arrest may request a trial. 

If you need an interpreter, please notify the Traffic Office immediately upon receipt of your summons.  Family members or friends cannot interpret at your hearing.  Additionally, if you need to reschedule your hearing date / time, please notify our Traffic Office as soon as possible, 775-325-7901.  Hearings are held Monday through Friday. 

If a fine is imposed by the Traffic Master, you can pay at our Department using cash, check, money order, VISA, MasterCard or Discover.  If you are unable to pay immediately, please call Washoe County Collections at 328-2652 to discuss a payment plan.  If you fail to follow through on your fine payment or payment plan, your Driver’s License may be suspended.

If the Traffic Master imposes Juvenile Traffic School, please check in by 3:00 pm on your scheduled Wednesday, class ends at 6:30 pm. 

If the Traffic Master requires you to provide proof of insurance, registration, or other documentation, it is your responsibility to ensure that any documentation you submit includes the juvenile's name and date of birth.  Failure to follow through with any sanction imposed by the Traffic Master may result in Driver’s License suspension.

ALL DUIs, Gross Misdemeanors and Felony Traffic violations are handled by Juvenile Probation Services rather than the Traffic Master. 

If you need any other information please contact our office at 775-325-7901 or JuvTraffic@washoecounty.gov