Mental Health Services

Chris Empey, LCSW, Mental Health Counselor Supervisor 

Kelly North, LCPC, Mental Health Counselor

Detained youth receive a mental health screening (MAYSI) during the booking portion of their intake. The screening may trigger the need for further clinical evaluation, which is provided by a licensed practioner. This evaluation assists staff in determining the level of safety precautions needed by an individual youth while in secure detention.

Mental Health Services are provided to youth that are housed at Wittenberg Hall.  All youth, regardless of their mental health status, are provided the opportunity to speak with a Mental Health Counselor upon request and with the permission from their parent/guardian.  The counselor is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Parents are encouraged to call Kelly North, LCPC, at 325-7902 if they have mental health concerns for their child while in detention.