Essentials of Train the Trainer

Certificate awarded for successful completion of the following essential employee development courses:

Meeting on Common Ground: Meeting on Common Ground is designed to highlight the importance of personal responsibility for living the Washoe County Values, implementing the Code of Conduct, the EEOP and Diversity in Action plans. Employees are encouraged to promote a shared and inclusive understanding of diversity.  4 hour class.

Train The Trainer - Module 1: Instructional Systems Design: Training assessment, design, development & evaluation. session objectives, describe the instructional design process, conduct training needs assessment and identify training goals, write learning objectives, develop roadmaps/outlines to guide training development, sequence training sessions effectively and select and conduct appropriate levels of training evaluation.  4 hour class.

Train the Trainer - Module 2: Presentation Skills: Demonstrate effective public speaking skills, describe the two key elements of presentations: content and delivery, list four types of presentations: informational, instructional, persuasive, inspirational, utilize techniques for planning effective and delivering presentations, participant demonstration, video-taping and feedback/evaluation. 16 hour class.

Train the Trainer - Module 3: Facilitation Skills:  Identify critical facilitator competencies and assess their own skills level in these areas, utilize effective communication skills, including listening, questioning, feedback and clarification, successfully achieve meeting/session purpose and desired outcomes, stimulate participant involvement, effectively manage group dynamics and participant behavior, practice facilitation, video-taping and feedback/evaluation. 16 hour class. 

Train the Trainer - Module 4: Active & Effective Training - Enhancing the Learning Experience: Outline the characteristics of an effective trainer, identify learning styles for both trainer & learner, explain principles associated with adult learning, highlight different types of delivery methods & discuss logistics, identify and select appropriate activities and exercises, process activities and exercises to support learning goals, utilize techniques for engaging and involving learners and for managing unplanned "learning moments", paired demonstration, video-taping and feedback/evaluation. 12 hour class. 

Train the Trainer - 1 Hour Observation:  Feedback/Observation by appointment. Please contact HR Training at 328-2091 for an appointment. A Learning & Performance Specialist will observe a training and provide feedback. 1 hour.

Current Washoe County employees need to register for classes through the online Washoe County Learning Center accessed through the intranet, Inside Washoe.   Non-county employees should contact to register for classes. NOTE: Supervisor approval is required prior to registration.


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