Essentials of SAP for HR Reps

Prerequisites:  HR Rep SAP Roles or approved WC Individual Development Plan (IDP).

Certificate awarded for successful completion of the following essential employee development courses:

Introduction to SAP: This class is focused on providing basic navigation and a high level overview of SAP including GRC, Human Resources, Financials, Online Recruitment and ESS. 2 hour class. 

Introduction to SAP for HR Rep:  The class presents the procedures, forms and SAP transactions critical to the HR Reps.  This hands-on course will cover: processing employee actions, creating/changing/copying employee master data, SAP salary, position and job class resources, troubleshooting common errors and a review of HR resources.  4 hour class. 

HR Inquiry and Reporting:  The class will demonstrate how to run the most common HR related reports in SAP and how to create variants and/or layouts to customize the report to meet department’s needs.  4 hour class. 

SAP– Benefits:  This class covers Life and Work Event Procedure, viewing employee benefits in SAP, beneficiary changes and available reports.  1 hour class. 

SAP – GRC Access Enforcer:  This hands-on class on entering SAP Access Requests online thru the GRC System. The Access Enforcer tool has replaced the former "Role Authorization Request Form".  1 1/2 hour class. 

SAP - Online Recruitment System: Learn how to navigate thru the ESS Online Recruitment (OLR) system “Recruitment Tab”, overview of department dashboard, creating hiring requisitions, viewing candidate referral lists and processing Declaration of Actions (DOA).  2 hour class.  

SAP - Performance Management:  Overview of the Performance Management process.  This session will include the performance evaluation process-inside and outside of the system.  1 hour class. 

SAP -  Workflow for Approvers/Managers: This class is for recently hired or promoted employee that will need to approve documents electronically through workflow using SAP's Business Workplace.  It covers approving financial documents such as journal entries, invoices, and purchase requisitions, available reports and will demonstrate how to approve/disapprove timecards and create substitutes.  (Formerly titled SAP -  Workflow for Approvers/Managers and Time Reporting for HR Rep) 1 hour class. 

Time Entry for HR Rep:   The class will review SAP and ESS updates, time entry and time approval, handling and entering FMLA/Worker’s Comp/Military Leave requests.  (Formerly titled: Introduction to ESS for HR Rep)  4 hour class. 

Current Washoe County employees need to register for classes through the online Washoe County Learning Center accessed through the intranet, Inside Washoe.  Non-county employees should contact to register for classes.  NOTE: Supervisor approval is required prior to registration.

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