Essentials of Personal Effectiveness

Certificate awarded for successful completion of the following essential employee development courses:

Career Development: Learn what the trends are in today's work world, design ideal work/life synergy, and recognize your values, preferences, interests, skills & knowledge base to help take ownership of your own career. 6 hour class.

Communication Skills: Strengthen or develop your communication skills.  Learn what communication skills are, why they are critical to your personal and professional success and how you can improve these skills. 6 hour class.

Conflict Resolution: This class will provide participants an overview of conflict and strategies for effective conflict resolution.  Learn effective ways to prevent conflict before it starts, how to handle conflict in the workplace and learn tools and guidelines for collaborative conflict resolution.  6 hour class.

Customer Service: This customized session designed just for Washoe County employees will cover Identifying Customer Needs and Expectations, Communicating Positively in Person and on the Telephone, and Working with Difficult Customers.  6 hour class.

Excelling in your Career using Emotional Intelligence: Star performers have something that sets them apart and ahead - emotional intelligence. Career Coach, Kit Prendergast will lead this dynamic highly interactive class and you will learn what emotional competencies are, why they are critical to your personal and professional success and how you can improve these skills quickly and effectively.   6 hour class.

Healthy Team Dynamics: This course provides a framework of techniques and competencies that help employees to be more effective in their teams and includes discussion of team roles and group dynamics. Learn the role of team members on a healthy team, how to communicate positively, and how to handle the fast pace of change in today's workplace.  4 hour class.

Managing & Organizing Your Work: This course focuses on demystifying project management, or, in other words, helping you manage your work when you have too much of it to do. It will provide tools for prioritizing time and "stuff," guidelines for activity and office audits, strategies for avoiding common pitfalls, and suggestions for planning your schedule so that you are effective and energized at work.  6 hour class.

Meeting on Common Ground: Meeting on Common Ground is designed to highlight the importance of personal responsibility for living the Washoe County Values, implementing the Code of Conduct, the EEOP and Diversity in Action plans. Employees are encouraged to promote a shared and inclusive understanding of diversity.  4 hour class.

Current Washoe County employees need to register for classes through the online Washoe County Learning Center accessed through the intranet, Inside Washoe.   Non-county employees should contact to register for classes. NOTE: Supervisor approval is required prior to registration.

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