Essentials of High Performing Teams

Certificate awarded for successful completion of the following essential employee development courses:

Continuous Process Improvement: Establishes the foundation for making process improvement a way of life at Washoe County by providing participants with tools and techniques they can use to make improvements in their work units, to improve work processes, and to encourage greater employee participation in planning, analyzing and executing projects. 12 hour class.

Continuous Process Improvement in Practice: This roundtable session is for employees who have completed the Continuous Process Improvement & Project Management courses to review practical applications of the methodologies and to share experiences.  2 hour class.

Healthy Team Dynamics: This course provides a framework of techniques and competencies that help employees to be more effective in their teams and includes discussion of team roles and group dynamics. Learn the role of team members on a healthy team, how to communicate positively and how to handle the fast pace of change in today's workplace.  4 hour class.

Managing Change: This course provides the basis for continuous process improvement by exploring common challenges of change and strategies for positively managing change in the workplace.  4 hour class.

Meeting Management: This course provides practical techniques for planning and facilitating more efficient, productive meetings and will offer an opportunity to practice strategies for managing meeting dynamics, increasing participation and improving problem-solving. 4 hour class.

Meeting on Common Ground: Meeting on Common Ground is designed to highlight the importance of personal responsibility for living the Washoe County Values, implementing the Code of Conduct, the EEOP and Diversity in Action plans. Employees are encouraged to promote a shared and inclusive understanding of diversity.  4 hour class.

Myers-Briggs - Team Application:  The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a tool that can help you better understand yourself and others and how personality style impacts the team. Participants will evaluate their preferred style of communication, time-orientation, and decision making and how that contributes to the overall successfulness of a work unit.  10 1/2 hour class.

Project Management: This class will provide participants with tools and information they can apply to successfully manage projects in their work units. The elements of managing successful projects and techniques to keep them on track will be discussed, including: Setting up project goals and parameters; managing the project team; identifying and scheduling tasks and meeting deadlines; and communicating with team, management and customers. 7 hour class.

Current Washoe County employees need to register for classes through the online Washoe County Learning Center accessed through the intranet, Inside Washoe.   Non-county employees should contact to register for classes. NOTE: Supervisor approval is required prior to registration.


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