Antibiogram Survey

*1. Which of the following groups best describes your current position?

*2. Have you used the information in your institutional or community antibiogram to modify your prescribing practices?

*3. Is this the first time for you to see such a community-wide antibiogram published by the Washoe County Health District?

4. If No, where did you find or obtain a previous antibiogram?

*5. Please rank the usefulness of this antibiogram on a scale of 1-10:

6. Which section(s) in this antibiogram do you like?

*7. Would you like to receive such aggregated community-wide antibiograms every year?

8.  If Yes, which format do you prefer?  If you prefer to have a format mailed or emailed to you, please fill out the information on question 9.

9. Please provide any additional comments or suggestions you may have.