Mass Casualty Incident

What is a Mass Casualty Incident?

A multi-casualty incident (MCI) is defined as a single geographically focused event, which produces casualties of a sufficient number and severity that special operations and organizations are required at the scene.

There are special problems that emergency workers encounter when responding to an MCI. Due to the special circumstances, the Washoe County Health District works with regional first responders, healthcare professionals and non-profit organizations to develop a regional MCI plan. The purpose of the plan is to provide the guidelines necessary to effectively, efficiently and safely manage MCIs. Get more information on the District Board of Health's Multi-Casualty Incident Plan for our area.

What can cause a MCI?

Washoe County emergency planners plan for thirteen different hazards that would impact our region. Any of those hazards could have the potential for multiple casualties.

Mass Casualty Incidents can be caused by natural disasters...

  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Wildfire

All could lead to injuries, people being displaced from their homes, and people not having access to food, water and medications.

Picture of fire fighter and wildfire

Natural disasters generally do not lead to infectious disease epidemics unless a disease was already causing a problem in the area.

Mass Casualty Incidents can also be caused by accidental and/or intentional disasters (terrorist attacks)

For example: