POD Planning

POD Planning and Activation Tools

This site offers guidance and support for planning and activating a POD site.

This website is a starting point for organizations interested in becoming POD Partners and the examples offered here are subject to changes and personalization. No two PODs will be the same because each POD will have a unique plan based on the organization's needs.


Planning and Activating a POD

The process of planning and activating a POD can seem like a daunting task. The PowerPoint below will make this process much easier. This PowerPoint allows you to follow step-by-step instructions for planning and activating a POD site. Click the link below to access the PowerPoint and a PDF version of the training.

POD Planning PowerPoint Training

What is a Private POD?

In a situation where the entire Washoe County population needs to be given medications within a short time frame, Public PODs will be highly stressed by the number of people visiting them.  In order to relieve congestion and get medications out faster, the Washoe County Health District is developing alternate methods of dispensing.  One such method is to provide medications through Private PODs, which are smaller versions of public PODs that will serve a limited portion of the population. In the event of a public health emergency that requires POD activation, the WCHD will request activation of Private PODs.  

Each private POD is unique and has its own plan, layout, and design based on the needs of the individual organization. Use this website as a guide to becoming a Washoe County Private POD Partner.

Private POD Responsibilities:
  •   Develop a Private POD Dispensing Plan.
  •   Participate in trainings and exercises.
  •   Maintain the necessary supplies and equipment needed to operate a Private POD.
  •   Dispense medications following guidance provided by the WCHD.
Benefits of private PODs to our community:
  • Helps achieve the community dispensing goal rapidly
  • Decreases the number of people going to public dispensing sites
  • Reaches populations unable to attend public dispensing sites
Benefits of private PODs to your organization:
  • Protects your organization and your families
  • Helps to ensure your organization’s continuity of operations
  • Exhibits commitment to our community
Benefits of private PODs to the Health District:
  • Increases available resources to improve efficiency of POD operations within our community
  • Helps achieve the Health District's goal of increasing the number of people medicated or vaccinated within the community
  • Helps achieve the Health District's goal of medicating or vaccinating as many people as possible within a short period of time

Who is typically eligible to become a Private POD Partner?

  • Organizations with a significant number of employees
  • Organizations that serve vulnerable populations
  • Organizations which have a response role in the state and local emergency plans
  • Critical infrastructure agencies

Three important documents that must be completed before establishing a POD site

Click each link below to access detailed instructions on how to complete each form and how to access a copy of each:

1. MOU

2. Registry Form

3. POD Template Plan (Work Plan)

POD Site Set Up

The location of the POD must be determined before planning can occur. Choose a site that is large, open, and is easily found by users.  An ideal site would have a separate entrance and exit, be able to accommodate tables, chairs and large numbers of people, and be able to accommodate people with disabilities. A good example of a suitable location would be a large meeting room or cafeteria.

After the POD site location(s) is determined, the next step is to design the layout of the POD based on the type of POD it will be (drive through or walk through). The design and layout of the POD site will impact the efficiency of your operations. Design the floor plan for each facility considering where clients will enter and exit, maximizing flow and expanding the floor plan as needed to achieve the goals developed with the Health District's public health liaison. Take into consideration a secure place to store medication in the floor plan of your facility.

Click on the links below to begin your dispensing site set up:

POD Documents for Established POD Partners

Listed below are POD documents that are important for POD planning and activation. Please click the links below for more information about each document and to access a downloadable version of each document:

POD Trainings and Informational Resources


For more information about POD planning and activation, or if you have POD questions please email POD@washoecounty.us
For immediate assistance please contact the health district.