Point of Dispensing (POD)

Public Health Preparedness in Washoe County

The Washoe County Health District is committed to protecting the health of Washoe County residents, which includes emergency response. The Health District’s Public Health Preparedness Program is dedicated to providing a wide variety of response elements that can be activated in any number of disaster scenarios, including bioterrorism and infectious disease outbreaks. One such element is known as a Point of Dispensing or POD.

What is the Washoe County Health District’s Role in an Emergency?

The Health District’s Public Health Preparedness Program is responsible for the planning and implementation of Points of Dispensing (PODs) for the entire population of Washoe County. The Health District will publicly disseminate any crucial information pertaining to the event and how to proceed if/when a POD needs to be activated. The Health District will broadcast this information through the news media and on this website. This information will include all precautions and procedures to follow, where and how to access a POD, and what information and documents you will need to bring to a POD.

How does a POD work?

Depending on the design of the individual POD it may be a drive through or walk through POD. The POD location will be announced and open to the public during a specific time period. The public will access the POD in a specific order based on guidelines given, for example alphabetically or by birthday. In many cases the head of a household will be able to pick up medications for the entire family and dispense them at home.

Other POD Resources:

If you have questions related to Points of Dispensing in Washoe County please email: POD@washoecounty.us
Tools for POD Site Planning and Activation