Volunteer Categories

The Washoe County MRC is comprised of three categories of volunteers:

  1. licensed medical and mental health practitioners
  2. volunteers who have a medical/clinical background and formal training, but do not have a current license
  3. volunteers who do not have a medical/clinical background who are needed to fill other essential roles

Within each category are many types of volunteers, having different skills, specialties and interests.

The basic requirements for all members are as follows:

  • complete the application
  • consent to a background investigation
  • attend the orientation session
  • complete coursework: ICS 100, 200 and 700
  • participate in one live emergency response exercise per year
  • be willing to respond to local emergencies

Category 3 members will also complete CPR/First Aid training. Volunteers from any category who will fill supervisory roles will also complete ICS 300. All training is provided at no cost to our volunteers.