Make a Plan

When a disaster strikes, it is possibly you will not be with your family. While most family members work or attend school, it is important to make sure that all family members are informed and prepared in the event of a disaster.

Create a Family Plan

When creating an emergency plan, it is important to:

  • Establish two meeting locations
    • One right outside of your home in the event of an immediate emergency, such as a home fire
    • One outside of your neighborhood, in case you are required to evacuate or are not able to return home
  • Establish two emergency contacts
    • One local contact
    • One out-of-area contact - it may be easier to contact someone long distance if phone lines are out of service or overloaded
  • Identify roles and responsibilities of family members
    • Designate roles to each family member to work as a team in the event of a disaster
  • Send your plan to other family members
    • Include various family and friends in your planning process and ensure they have a copy of your plan
  • Include commonly visited locations
    • Inquire about emergency plans at commonly visited locations, such as work, school, sporting venues and faith organizations

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