Be Informed

When disaster strikes, it is important for us to know what to do before, during and after an incident. It is also important for members of our community to be able to identify hazards and disasters they may be exposed to and how they can better prepare themselves and their families.

Here at Washoe County, we want to continually give timely, accurate information to our community before, during and after an event.

Health Deptartment official interviewed by the media

Where can I see the most current Health District news?

Please visit our news center for most recent publications and news information.

How will I get information about a public health emergency?

Reliable news sources may be the best way to get information during a public health emergency. We will update the media regularly with important information for the public.

In addition, you can tune to AM 1150, which has educational information regarding public health issues in our community. In the event of an emergency, Washoe County Health District will update messages to include important information with regards to that specific event or emergency. 

Finally, in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts, our 9-1-1 dispatch center can "reverse dial" residents with a landline. If you do not have a landline, it is recommended you register with CODE RED.

Click here for more information on Regional Alerts in our area.