A Note About Web Links

This manual attempts to include many web resources, which will be appropriately hyperlinked in electronic versions. However, there are a few things that should be kept in mind:

  1. That given the volatile nature of Internet resources, particularly those not maintained by long established agencies, it is possible that web addresses have changed or disappeared, and content may be moved, reordered, or redesigned. In these cases, we apologize that the content is out of date, and it is recommended that in order to find the content you seek you search for the title of the desired content using a preferred search engine, or by going to the home page of the site specified by the link and searching within the site.
  2. In some instances, it would be unwieldy to place the actual link to certain content in the manual or give particular search directions. In these cases, TinyURL.com was used. TinyURL.com provides a free service that creates easy to read links that redirect to long, difficult URLs (they will take the form http://tinyurl.com/redirects-to-tinyurl). This way, a person using a physical copy of the manual can more easily find on-line content. There is no indication that TinyURLs expire, but we apologize for any inconvenience if they fail to appropriately redirect to desired Internet content.