Scheduling Requests for Seasonal Openings of Pools or Spas

When warm weather approaches, all seasonal pools and spas and any annual pools and spas that have been closed for the winter will be opening. However, all pools and spas must first pass an opening inspection by the Washoe County Health District (WCHD). Once the pool and/or spa have been properly prepared for inspection and the permit fee paid, inspections must be scheduled at least 3 business days in advance of the requested inspection date.

  • All pools and spas that have seasonal permits to operate are required to schedule an opening inspection prior to operating as described above.
  • All pools and spas that have annual permits, but close and/or cover the pool and/or spa for any length of time during the season are required to schedule an opening inspection prior to operating as described above.

Prior to scheduling an opening inspection, ensure the pool and/or spa is in compliance with all current regulations. Review past inspection reports to make sure all required corrections or remodels have been addressed. Regulations, opening procedures and required signage for pools and spas can be found at the Public Pools & Spas page.

The following information is required to schedule an opening inspection for a pool and/or spa:

  • Permit Number
  • Facility Name
  • Facility Address
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • You will be asked to request 3 dates for your inspection to ensure your inspection can be scheduled and inspected in a timely manner (do not request duplicate dates as it may delay your inspection).
  • The assigned inspector will contact you to make arrangements for the opening inspection.

Click here to request a SEASONAL POOL & SPA Opening Inspection

If for any reason you must reschedule your opening inspection, please contact our office a minimum of 1 business day in advance of your scheduled inspection at (775) 328-2434.

Please contact the WCHD at (775) 328-2434 with any questions or one of the pool and spa program contacts for assistance.