For Renters

It takes only ONE person that smokes in an apartment building for the entire building to be affected by secondhand smoke.

 See Washoe County's Smoke-free Housing list here or use the map below to view by location

  • Secondhand smoke contains numerous harmful  chemicals, and exposure to these chemicals is a serious health hazard.
  • Secondhand smoke seeps through cooling and heating systems, light fixtures, ceiling crawl spaces, and doorways.
  • Secondhand smoke cannot be controlled by ventilation or the separation of individuals that smoke from those that don't  

The U.S. Surgeon General has stated there is no safe level of secondhand smoke exposure. The only solution is to make buildings smoke-free. Everyone has the right to live in a healthy and safe environment.
You can make a difference! Help make your building smoke-free. Many owners and managers do not realize that secondhand smoke is a problem in their buildings, so the first step is to let them know.

up to 68% of air is shared between units


  • Keep a log of when and where you smell smoke
  • Make a list of solutions you have tried
  • Keep track of symptoms and illnesses


  • Communicate to the owner/manager that secondhand smoke is a problem
  • Encourage neighbors to let the owner/manager know that secondhand smoke is a problem for them as well
  • Remind the owner/manager that it is legal to adopt a smoke-free policy, just as it is legal to adopt a policy prohibiting pets, or conditions about noise
  • Work together with your owner/manager and neighbors to adopt a smoke-free policy for your building
  • Refer the owner/manager to the Apartment Owner and Manager section of this website
  • If you have a disability and need help asking your owner/manager for a reasonable accommodation, contact the Silver State Fair Housing Council at (888) 585-8634
  • Contact your local elected officials such as a city council member, a county commissioner, or a state legislator to let them know the need to support a healthy and safe environment free from secondhand smoke


To learn more, go to:     |    775-328-6160