Youth Organizations

Active kidsChildren spend the majority of their day at school and eat one or more meals, plus snacks, during the school day. Schools have the opportunity to provide healthier foods in the classroom and cafeteria, and to creatively increase physical activity throughout the school day. In addition to helping establish healthy habits, schools want to do what they can to make sure their students are ready and able to learn.

The 5210 program is flexible and can be easily woven into your busy day. We support the schools, child care centers, and out-of-school time programs by partnering with teachers, nurses, PE teachers, nutrition directors, cafeteria managers, principals, and more. We’ll help you assess what you’re already doing well, identify areas for improvement, and implement an action plan to meet your unique goals. We are here to help you develop healthier students. They perform better academically and have better behavior in the classroom.

Lastly, as part of our evaluation and commitment to continuous improvement, we provide schools and youth organizations an opportunity to be recognized. This recognition highlights a school and organizations’ commitment to helping children establish healthy habits at a young age through the 5210 message. By getting involved with 5210 Healthy Washoe you’ll join a network of sites just like yours, working to improve the health of our children.

Registered sites in Washoe County receive a free hard-copy toolkit. For all others, a free online version is available below.

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