Active employeesThe 5210 Healthy Washoe program for employers was adapted from the Let’s Go! Small Steps program to help adults lead healthier lives. Worksite can now partner with 5210 Healthy Washoe to create a healthy work place. If you’re interested in creating a healthier worksite contact us. We’ll introduce you to the program, and you’ll learn how to hold healthy meetings, celebrate a job well done using something other than food, and help staff be more active during the day while still getting their work done. 

Anyone can take part in and benefit from a few Small Steps:

  1. Move more – it’s a great way to improve your health
  2. Eat Real – foods that come from nature give you energy
  3. Drink Water – it’s the best choice
  4. Rest Up – good sleep restores your body and mind

5210 Healthy Washoe works with employers and health care practices to help them create environments where the healthy choice is the easy choice. When it comes to your health, small steps go far.

Lastly, as part of our evaluation and commitment to continuous improvement, we provide employers an opportunity to be recognized. This recognition highlights employers’ commitment to helping employees establish healthy habits through the 5210 message.

Registered sites in Washoe County receive a free hard-copy toolkit. For all others, a free online version is available below.

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