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kid and mom playing on floorDevelopmental Milestones

Developmental milestones are a set of functional skills and age-specific tasks that most infants and children can do at a certain age range. How a child plays, learns, speaks, acts, and moves for his or her age are important signs of a child’s healthy growth and development.

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WIC helps engage parents in monitoring their children’s development and growth.

Developmental Milestones Checklist Program

Milestone Checklists


fruits and vegetables at a farmers marketFarmers Market Information

The WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program provides eligible WIC families with coupons to purchase locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables at certain farmers market locations in addition to their normal WIC benefits. Follow the link below to find a list of farmers’ market locations in Northern Nevada:

Link: The WIC Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program

Lead Questionnaire

What is lead poisoning?

Lead is a metal that is used in several everyday products. Even though it is used for many purposes, it is toxic to humans, especially to children and pregnant women. Lead poisoning can result in hearing damage, learning disabilities, nerve disorders, and muscle and joint pain. To learn more about how lead affects children and how to prevent lead poisoning, visit the following links:

baby formulaFormula Prescription Form

Children over 12 months of age who require infant formula will require a medical documentation form. Infants under 12 months of age do not require this form. Find the form below:

Link: Nevada WIC Medical Documentation Form

Rights & Responsibilities

As a WIC participant, there are certain benefits to anticipate when enrolled in the program, as well as certain requirements of the participant. The WIC Rights & Responsibilities are listed below.